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Dry Scrub Agatha BlauwTM for pre-epilation care with Agran extract is to prepare the skin for sugaring. Deep cleansing, removing dead cells, improving the adhesion of the paste to the hair, what makes the epilation process more effectively without injuring the skin. Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant with a wide spectrum of action such as astringent, exfoliating and photoprotective, reducing and even healing acne, softening visible pigment spots, restoring skin elasticity and toning it, removes puffiness. Ginger is a spice with heating properties to warm the skin by stimulating blood circulation and has also good antimicrobial effect. Agran moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin. Suitable for all skin types.


  • Suitable for all skin types and all parts of the face and body
  • Only natural ingredients are used
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Suitable for weekly use

Application: apply a small amount of scrub to the pre-moistened skin (with Cleanser or Rose water). With the help of palms or exfoliating pads massage the most problem areas. Give it to dry. Shake off the remains of scrub with your hands or a napkin. Treat the skin with talc and start sugaring
INCI: Natural sugar, Ground coffee, Ginger powder / Zingiber officinale (Ginger), Agran shell powder
Weight: 200g


High quality production and ingredients are guaranteed.

Agatha Blauw ™ is a brand based in a small town in Holland. Once a family business wich began with the cooking of sugar paste in the kitchen for its own use grew to a well-known brand throughout the Netherlands specializing in professional sugaring cosmetics. Today our professional products Agatha Blauw ™ for hair removal and skin care can be seen in many beauty salons in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

photo head 1Using our own recipes, knowledge and experience in the production of goods for hair removal for more than 30 years gives us the right to say that a specialist at any level of training can work on our pastes. Agatha Blauw cosmetics are manufactureed using European equipment and productioin technologies, as well as raw materials that have passed quality control according to EU standards. This allows us to produce products of high quality from batch to batch. Ever!

Agatha Blauw ™ is a natural, safe and gentle way to remove unwanted hair in the natural direction of their growth. Agatha Blauw ™ products are safe for all skin types as men, women and children, because they are made only from natural ingredients and by specially developed recipes, and do not harm the environment. Agatha Blauw ™ paste removes not only unwanted hair, but also dead skin cells, revealing a smooth, healthy and glowing skin. Our care products will help you to properly start and finish the procedure of epilation, so as to preserve a sense of purity, velvety and tenderness for a long time!

We sincerely want to convey that love for yourself begins primarily with self-care. We should always carefully approach the question of what we are putting on our body. Agatha Blauw ™ is a new level of skin care!

Products Agatha Blauw

Argan extract

Argan extract in our products gives extra nutrition and protects sensitive skin.

Natural product

Our products are 100% natural and produced without using silicones, dyes, synthetic products, petroleum derivatives and GMOs

ECO Product

We produce ecologically safe products cantaining substances that are not dangerous to humans and the environment

Not tested on animals

We do not test our products and their components on animals

No preservatives

Does not contain synthetic preservatives, does not cause allergies, skin irritation and other undesirable reactions

Not toxic

The products do not emit toxic substances and do not have a damaging effect on the human and animal organism

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