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Better than anything else?

Sugaring is not only an excellent, effective and natural way to remove unwanted hair, but you also get additional benefits, such as peeling skin, getting rid of ingrown hair and giving your skin a healthy and natural glow. It is 100% natural sugar paste, which is similar to honey, more hygienic to your skin, not traumatic and less painful than any other hair removal process. The irritation on the skin goes away almost immediately or within an hour. Results can last up to 6 weeks!


Does it hurt my skin?

Definitely not. Sugar paste does not stick to living skin cells and removes only dead skin cells, so there is no risk of skin damage. The sugaring procedure is performed at a paste temperature similar to the body, therefore there is no threat of burns or irritation of the skin.


Is sugar paste safe?

Yes! With a paste you get a beautiful, smooth and moisturized skin. Agatha BlauwTM Sugar Paste is made from only natural ingredients: sucrose, water, lemon juice, and Acacia senegal extract. Acacia senegal gives your skin moisturizing and antibacterial protection for your skin during the procedure. Contains no preservatives or additional ingredients.


How to apply the paste?

This gentle method has been practiced for centuries and is ideal for sensitive skin. Sugar paste is applied and removed in the natural direction of hair growth, which does not break off hairs and prevents their ingrowth.


Is it hygienic?

Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic sugar paste is used with disposable gloves, and a fresh piece of sugar paste is used for each new customer, so there is no risk of cross contamination. The paste is easily soluble in water, leaving no sticky residue.


How often should I do sugaring?

Usually every 4-6 weeks. After a series of treatments, the hair follicle begins to deplete. Hair becomes weaker and thinner after each treatment. After several treatments, regularly treated areas will show consistent results in reducing hair growth. Important! For the best result you should pay attention to essential post-care such as cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

Agatha Blauw ™ is a brand based in a small town in Holland. Once a family business wich began with the cooking of sugar paste in the kitchen for its own use grew to a well-known brand throughout the Netherlands specializing in professional sugaring cosmetics. Today our professional products Agatha Blauw ™ for hair removal and skin care can be seen in many beauty salons in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

photo head 1Using our own recipes, knowledge and experience in the production of goods for hair removal for more than 30 years gives us the right to say that a specialist at any level of training can work on our pastes. Agatha Blauw cosmetics are manufactureed using European equipment and productioin technologies, as well as raw materials that have passed quality control according to EU standards. This allows us to produce products of high quality from batch to batch. Ever!

Agatha Blauw ™ is a natural, safe and gentle way to remove unwanted hair in the natural direction of their growth. Agatha Blauw ™ products are safe for all skin types as men, women and children, because they are made only from natural ingredients and by specially developed recipes, and do not harm the environment. Agatha Blauw ™ paste removes not only unwanted hair, but also dead skin cells, revealing a smooth, healthy and glowing skin. Our care products will help you to properly start and finish the procedure of epilation, so as to preserve a sense of purity, velvety and tenderness for a long time!

We sincerely want to convey that love for yourself begins primarily with self-care. We should always carefully approach the question of what we are putting on our body. Agatha Blauw ™ is a new level of skin care!

Products Agatha Blauw

Argan extract

Argan extract in our products gives extra nutrition and protects sensitive skin.

Natural product

Our products are 100% natural and produced without using silicones, dyes, synthetic products, petroleum derivatives and GMOs

ECO Product

We produce ecologically safe products cantaining substances that are not dangerous to humans and the environment

Not tested on animals

We do not test our products and their components on animals

No preservatives

Does not contain synthetic preservatives, does not cause allergies, skin irritation and other undesirable reactions

Not toxic

The products do not emit toxic substances and do not have a damaging effect on the human and animal organism

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